Apple iPhone and iPad apps that provide free services to users

Many apps that find Taxis, Hospitals, Retirement Services, Veterans Support and Aviation and Boating Information. In addition many new apps aimed at the Medical Community with complete HIPAA compliance...

The author of these apps has had years of experience at providing applications for many of his 4000 plus customers in the professional publishing business. Recently our skills have been exercised in the Medical areas with secure database access and patient features aimed at a paperless office.


EnMedical and MediDocs deliver patient data using convenient in your palm devices. AsthmaHelp was a give back community project to help Vanderbilt University Childrens hospital treat Asthma.


Taxi Flagger, Hospital Locator, Retirement Home Finder, Fallen Heros, BoatzBy and FlyzBy allow iPhone and iPad users to access nationwide databases of useful information using location based on user GPS location or city, state of service.


A long history of Adobe InDesign and InCopy development...

Over 70+ plugins developed over 11+ years....

The author of these plugins has been developing for Adobe InDesign and InCopy CS6 for well over 11+ years.

Prior work included 70+ plugins used in complete content management solutions using Adobe products through out.


Deployments covered over 4000+ customers world-wide from the smallest weekly media publication to some of the largest in the world.


Based on complete knowledge of the Adobe Creative starting with the first versions of InDesign and InCopy these new plugins share this history in useful developments for fast production workflows.


It is our hope that you will benefit greatly through use of these plugin products.